"Our ten year old son has been working with Prue for almost a year now. We sought out “The Nest” to improve his confidence hoping this would stimulate his interest and performance at school. Prior to coming to “The Nest,” we had tried two other traditional (worksheet based) tutors and our son quickly became disengaged and just “shut down.” Prue is the only tutor my son has been eager to see on a weekly basis. Her passion for reaching students and making a difference in their lives is palpable. She makes my son feel understood and is able to adapt lessons for each student so they are interesting, comprehensible, and relevant. Prue also has a great sense of humour and encourages her students to be creative and courageous in taking risks with their learning. Our son is very much looking forward to continuing with Prue this school year" Kristy

"Our daughter has thoroughly enjoyed working with Prue and we have seen a marked difference in her learning.We had previously and unsuccessfully engaged a number of tutors, all proving the wrong fit. Ipigeonhole’s dedication to cater to our daughters learning, skills and needs, through an effective, unconventional approach to creative learning has and is seeing some wonderful results. Both in terms of self-confidence and marks. Always a good thing to hear your daughter say -

“Am I seeing Prue this week? Yay!”  Jacquie 

“We enrolled our daughter Eliza to be coached with Prue mainly to help improve her Maths, and what an improvement we have witnessed. Not only have we seen a marked improvement in her maths, she has grown in confidence and developed a real self-belief that she can “do it”. Prue understands that getting the most from a student is not just about textbooks and worked examples and persistent focus on these aspects of the student. Prue nurtures the entire child as a person, realising that each child is different and responds to different stimuli in a unique way. And Prue happens to be a delight to deal with. We could not be happier." Emily 

“ My 10 year old son was falling behind, had a lack of confidence and was having trouble grasping some concepts. Not only did Prue address all of the above and the gaps in his knowledge and get him to look at problems in a different way but she made it SO much fun. It has been the best hour of his week!”

Client Testimonials