​​Co-parenting and Separation Mediation 

With one in two families choosing to separate and co-parent, mediation is an effective, cost efficient and timely tool to manage this process. Given it can take up to three years to be heard in the family court, an interim parenting plan is essential for the well being of both children and parents. 

At ipigeonhole, we bring creativity and critical thinking to family mediation.

A professional Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) can provide impartial, intelligent and current thinking to find solutions for each family’s challenges.

Mediation is often more desirable than counseling as it deals with the matters at hand. The aim is to find solutions for the “now” and it remains flexible as circumstances develop.

Prue as a qualified FDRP can successfully help you to achieve your parenting goals despite living separately.

A happy modern family with successful co-parenting is possible. To consciously uncouple smoothly and learn how to manage the process best for your family, make an appointment

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